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Happy Shark® stick-on emblems are BACK & present the new:

"Take a bite outta breast cancer" PINK Happy Shark®vinyl decal. Buy'em and support the fight against breast cancer. $1 of every sale will go to breast cancer charities. Stick them on cars, boats, RV's, snowboards, etc. Show your support! Order below! PINK Shark!

Lotsa COLORS, see the drop-down menus below.

Happy Shark® thanks you for your support!

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Decal Colors
Emblem Colors
Emblem Colors
Write your "custom" color choices in PayPal's message section or e-mail us!
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Check the COLORS page to see how they look and enjoy more photos of our lovely Happy Shark models! Emblems will stick on cars, bumpers, windows, etc.
Vinyl Decals look great on windows especially the white ones. Other vinyl colors contrast well on smooth, flat paint surfaces or bumpers.
Please e-mail pics of your Happy Shark®mobiles!

Write me, Dr. Bob

Also, Who knew Happy Shark® dove to the RMS Titanic?

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Is it going to rain on your concert, wedding, or vacation day? dryday.com!

Happy Shark® "Keep our beaches and oceans clean, or get chomped!" Happy Shark supports several great organizations like The Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider, and after 9/11 the UFA Widow's and Children's Fund.

Now supporting the fight against breast cancer!

hot Heather! Beautiful and sweet Sharkette Heather!

Special pricing for Parrothead Clubs and retailers. Please e-mail for info.

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