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Happy Shark® stick-on emblems!
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Happy Shark® Originals
Happy Shark® stick-on emblems, now a registered US Trademark, are some of the greatest gifts and stocking stuffers available on the 'net. The plastic emblems are $6.00 US by PayPal only thru the website. Happy Shark® emblem of your choice swims rapidly from our reef to your mailbox! Just $4 for vinyl stickers!

  • Current emblem colors are black, white, Fire Engine red, metal flake green, Patriot, blue metal flake, yellow, RED metalflake, green metal flake, PARROT (red, yellow, blue, red) or (red, green, yellow, red), regular Orange, Scuba, Rainbow, and Rasta!
  • Remember to note color preferences. Want a custom color? Doesn't hurt to ask!

  • Limited supplies of some colors may lead to substitutions at our discretion! MOST ORDERS OUT IN ONE WEEK OR LESS! No backlogs!

    Special pricing for Parrothead Clubs and retailers. Please e-mail for info.

    Please include your e-mail address with your order!

    Happy Shark® supports various proecology groups like Surfrider, Center for Marine Conservation, Shark Protection and Preservation Association, and many others.

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